☆ Base Defender TD ☆

A Tower Defense game with cool graphics and challenging levels. Get it now for iOS and Android. 

Base Defender Tower Defense features

15 Levels

Find 15 Levels in our Base Defender TD. The first are easy but later you need a real good strategy to pass them.

Tower Skills

Each tower have 2 or more upgrades and a tons of skills as passive upgrades. So you could skill critical hit chance or more live etc.


You will find 10 different types of enemies in Base Defender. There are different amor types. That means each tower is necessary to win.


5 Towers are waiting to be placed and kill enemies for you. Each tower has 2 or more levels as upgrade.

Special weapons

Multiple special weapons will slow, damage or stun enemies. There can be used for energy. Energy is regained automatically.


Coins are used to skill your towers. So they will deal more damage or can hit critical.

Defend your base now!
"Our goal was to develop a Tower Defense for mobile clients with detailed graphics and a nice handling. We also tried to find a good way between easy on boarding and challenging levels at the end."
UX Designer
"On Our Base Defender Tower Defense I was my goal to implement a stable code base and a great user experience. I also was looking forward to offer fair In-App-Purchases and don't make it a Pay to win game."
Base Defender Tower Defense is for free on iOS and Android

☆ Base Defender TD ☆

Mobile Tower Defense Game